Afterthoughts DSMA Live: ‘Rents | Charlie Kimball

Charlie KimballCharlie Kimball was nice enough to share some time with us during November. Please tune in and hear about the team that supports him, the inside scoop on how the manages diabetes while on the track, some inspirational anecdotes and more!

Charlie Kimball, open-wheel race car driver with the Novo Nordisk Chip Ganassi Racing in the IZOD IndyCar series. Just off his his third INDYCAR season, Kimball, driver of the No. 83 Honda, is the first and only licensed driver with diabetes in the history of INDYCAR to win a race.

He also is the first driver with diabetes to qualify for, complete and lead laps at the famed Indianapolis 500! In 2012, Kimball achieved six top-10 finishes, including a second-place finish in Toronto.

Off the track, Kimball is committed to raising the awareness of people living with diabetes and is a popular speaker on the topic.

To keep up with Charlie both on and off the track, follow him on Twitter at @racewithinsulin or at


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Afterthoughts DSMA Live: ‘Rents | The Jerry the Bear Family

Last night Hannah and Aaron, Co-Founders of Sproutel and creators of Jerry the Bear, were our guests on DSMA Live: ‘Rents. Please tune in to learn more about their passion, Jerry’s story and how he’s making a meaningful difference in children’s lives. We also talk about what’s to come for both Jerry and other Sproutel initiatives!

At Sproutel we create interactive learning games for children with a chronic illness. Our first product, Jerry the Bear, helps kids diagnosed with type 1 diabetes master their medical procedures – from monitoring blood glucose levels to maintaing a healthy diet. We call Jerry an empathetic robot because he forms a bond with children that helps them to learn and cope with their disease. Jerry’s aim is ultimately to improve medical outcomes for these kids and enable them to live long and healthy lives. To see Jerry in the hands of kids, check out our video here.
Hannah is a maker and a doodler. She loves to take an idea to an actual product/system that is intuitive and simple. She is also passionate about inventing an educational model that fosters creativity using design and technology. Hannah is currently co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sproutel. Hannah was named one of Inc Magazine’s “Top 15 Women to Watch in Tech” in 2012 and spoken numerous conferences including IFTF, A Better World by Design, and Women@TheFrontier by Singularity University and NASA, and Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit. 
Aaron is a maker; from sculptures to business, he is fascinated with the process of taking an idea from concept to reality. He is passionate about creating physical computing interfaces that change the way in which we interact with technology. He is currently co-founder and CEO of Sproutel. Aaron has shared his expertise in robotics and entrepreneurship through speaking at numerous conferences including CUSP, TEDxProvidence, IFTF, A Better World by Design, and MakerFaire NYC.
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Afterthoughts DSMA Live: ‘Rents | Jewels of She Sugar

JewelsThis week Jewels Doskicz joined Bennet and me on DSMA Live: ‘Rents. Jewels is a Registered Nurse, health consultant, freelance health writer, and creator of where she writes about healthy living with type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. Special interests of Jewels’ are in autoimmune disease, social media and healthcare. She and her daughter both live healthfully with Type 1 diabetes.

We hope you will listen in and hear how Jewels and her daughter approach diabetes in both their attitudes and the technologies they use, and what they hope to see in the future. Let us know which quote from the show you like most – Bennet and I have differing opinions! 🙂

For more from Jewels, check out She Sugar.

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Afterthoughts DSMA Live: ‘Rents | Christel Marchand Aprigliano

Christel Join us for a conversation with Christel Marchand Aprigliano, mom, DOC pioneer and T1 for 30+ years. We talked about her experiences as a teen with D, rebellion and turning that around.

We reminisced about her innovative diabeticfeed (the DOC before it knew it was the DOC) and current I look forward to what is next (including her domination of the globe.)
Great conversation about being a parenting with type 1 vs parenting a CWD with type 1 including: place the mask on yourself before helping you child with theirs and you can only BS the kids about your BG so much before they know.
Enjoy the show.

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Afterthoughts DSMA Live: ‘Rents | The Awesome Mr. Mike Lawson

Mr. Mike Lawson spent the evening with us this past Monday. In addition to describing his misdiagnosis as a type 2 diabetic for about a year, we learned  why he made the amazing videos he is so well-known for, how he ended up living in the Bay area, how you can get involved in the Big Blue Test to help yourself help others, and much more!
Mr. Mike Lawson

Mike Lawson is a self-proclaimed social media junkie, and a doctor-proclaimed Type 1 Diabetic.  He is also a personal blogger, Facebooker, Flickr Photographer, TuDiabetes-er, YouTuber, Tweeter, Podcaster, Linked-in-er, Tumblr and Instagrammer.  Since his Type 1 diagnosis, Mike has used social media to find and give emotional support to others that are living with diabetes.
Mike works for The Diabetes Hands Foundation as the Head of Experience and is responsible for the overall user experience and oversees the development of the visual identity and branding of the organization.

Listen to the show for a fun time getting to know a little more about the Awesome Mr. Mike Lawson.

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