Diabetes Out Loud | Ep 004 Connecting IRL

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Bennet and Lorraine talk about some of the various in real life meet up opportunities that they’ve experienced, including:

Riding on Insulin

CWD Friends for Life

Joslin Family Camp

The Diabetes Unconference

JDRF Walks

School Blue-nity

We only scratched the surface! There are so many more – give us a shout and leave us a SpeakPipe message telling us about your favorites!

Prior Podcast Episodes we reference in the show:

Riding on Insulin

The Unconference

Our Two Bits:

Lancet regulation

Dexcom G5 App Update


Thanks for listening! We’ll be back soon with episode 5.



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Spare A Rose. Save A Life.

Banting and Best got the Nobel Prize in 1921 because they discovered a life saving drug, which is called insulin. 89 years later,  the international community cannot ensure that people who do not have access to insulin, have access to insulin so that they do not die. I think it is unfair.- Jean Claude Mbanya, IDF President for the period 2009 to 2012

There are thousands of children that go without insulin every day. Parents cannot afford the cost of insulin. They do not have the option to go to the emergency room, and they cannot go to their physician’s office for samples-they do not have access. The reality is children die because they do not have insulin and the tools they need to live.  Please join P4DC and the Diabetes Online Community by saving a rose to save a life.

 To make a donation directly to the Life for a child program, please visit  www.SpareARose.org

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Goals for 2014

Topic: Personal, health and advocacy goals (not resolutions) for 2014.

Q1. Do you think setting goals are realistic in managing diabetes and life?

Q2. Do you make yearly health, personal or advocacy goals?

Q3. Please share one health, personal and advocacy goal for 2014.

Q4. Have you identified any obstacles that would stop you from attaining your goals?

Q5. What solutions do you have to help you overcome the obstacles?

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Diabetes Art Day 2012


Community Together We Can

By Cherise Shockley

Where do you go (offline resources)?


Q1. What diabetes books do you like and why?
Q2. What do you find useful in diabetes magazines and why?
Q3. Have your go-to resources in the offline world changed?  If so, how?
Q4. How do you effectively use offline resources (people, books, mags, etc.)


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