Blue Fridays

bluefridaysEvery Friday and on World Diabetes Day (November 14) wear blue to show your support for people affected by diabetes. Blue shirts, blue hats, blue shoes, blue nails, blue hair—how blue can you go?!

In November 2010, Cherise Shockley founded the Blue Fridays Initiative to spread the word about World Diabetes Day and Diabetes Awareness Month.  Diabetes is more than just a national issue; it is a world epidemic. Blue Fridays brings the global diabetes community together to raise awareness and celebrate World Diabetes Day.

Cherise received several emails and Facebook messages asking her to extend Blue Fridays.  In December 2011, she honored the request she received from many people throughout the diabetes community by asking everyone to wear something blue every Friday.

Please visit the Blue Fridays facebook page to find out more information. You can also download the Blue Fridays flyer (here)to hang up on your office, church or school. Follow the Blue Fridays Initiative on twitter #blueFridays.

Thank you to everyone that particpated in the “Blue Fridays” video.

In order of appearance:
Cherise Shockley
Khurt Williams
Mike Young
Sarah K.
Wendy Rose
Manny Hernandez
Mike Lawson
Dr. Phyllisa Deroze
Scott K. Johnson
Jen Dyer MD, MPH
Kerri Sparling
George Simmons
Kim Vlasnik
Renata Porter
Jason Turner
Fatima S.
Alexis, Justice and Synsyre

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