March Line-up for DSMA Live Programs

Can’t make it to the our twitter chat? Listen to DSMA Live Thursdays at 9pm ET, DSMA en Vivo every other Tuesday at 9 PM ET and DSMA Live ‘Rents every other Monday at 9 PM ET.

Upcoming shows:

3/4:  DSMA en Vivo  (Spanish) featuring Adriana Mendez, T1D and fan of extreme fitness

3/6 :  DSMA Live featuring our co-host,  Scott, George and Cherise

3/10:  DSMA Live ‘Rents featuring Tim Brand, parent of children with diabetes and blogger.

3/13: DSMA Live featuring Kelley Crumpler, T1D, nurse, CDE  and blogger.

3/18: DSMA en Vivo (Spanish)  featuring our co-host , Mila, Bea and Christina.

3/20:  DSMA Live featuring Asha Brown, Founder of We are Diabetes, T1D, diabulimia and diabetes advocate

3/24:  DSMA Live ‘Rents (Parents) featuring Sherry Roberts, parent of a child with diabetes and advocate on March 24th at 9 PM ET.

3/27: DSMA Live featuring Robin Wagner, DVM, PhD, T2D and insulin pumper.

DSMA Live, DSMA en Vivo and DSMA Live ‘Rents archive and upcoming shows can be found here:

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About DSMA Live Programs

DSMA Live: Thursday evenings at 9 p.m. United States Eastern Time, visit BlogTalkRadio to hear DSMA founder Cherise Shockley (LADA), co-host Scott K. Johnson (PWD type 1), and George Simmons (PWD type 1). Each week, the program features a guest and invites calls from the audience. Listeners have heard from PWDs type 1, LADA, type 2, and parents and spouses/partners of PWDs.

DSMA en Vivo: En un esfuerzo por compartir la misión de DSMA con toda la comunidad, hemos decidido ofrecer una versión en español de nuestro programa de radio para llegar a oyentes de habla hispana, no sólo en Estados unidos, sino alrededor del mundo. Tendremos invitados y discutiremos temas de interés para todas las personas con diabetes y sus familias/amigos. Escuche a Beatriz Domínguez y Christina Rodríguez cada otro martes a las 9:00 p.m. EST en Blog Talk Radio.

DSMA Live: Parent (‘Rents) Talk: In an effort to share the mission of DSMA with the community, we decided to offer a parents version of our radio program to reach the parents of children with diabetes and parents with diabetes, not only in America, but around the world. Listen to ‘Rents Talk every other Monday at 9:00 pm EST.

DSMA Live: Fredrik Debong from mySugr


Co-founder and Head of Product Management at mySugr, Fredrik Debong is having fun and helping people with diabetes lead better lives.

Fredrik works with an amazing team of people at mySugr to make diabetes information actionable.

Fredrik studied medical computer science at the University of Technology, Vienna, working on diabetes projects for most of his time.

Listen Live at 9:00 PM EST


Afterthoughts: Sweetly Voiced

Melissa Baland Lee

Melissa Baland Lee

I met Melissa online at I was on the admin team with her 5 years ago.  A lot has changed in Melissa’s life.  She is a mother of two toddlers, wife, busy advocate, and she writes a great blog about diabetes and motherhood, if you have not read her blog Sweetly Voiced, I recommend that you do.  During DSMA Live, we covered a lot of details about Melissa’s diagnoses of type 1 diabetes and opting out of diabetes camp.

Melissa said, “ I was naïve…I did not understand the importance of connecting with other people living with diabetes.”  In college, she met someone living with diabetes.  She later married, the love her life.

18 years into her diagnosis, she was told she could not get pregnant, which was the first time she was told she could not do something due to diabetes.  Melissa was determined to lower her A1C and change her lifestyle to become a mother.  She shares intimate details of her journey to gain her doctor’s approval to conceive, losing friends, finding the diabetes online community and later becoming a mother to two beautiful children.

Melissa ended the show with a powerful message for women with diabetes.  Take a listen.  I hope you enjoy.

Spoiler Alert:  Melissa serenades the DSMA Live Team and our listeners.

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DSMA Live: Conversation Beyond Fingersticks with Will Dubois

Scotimgrest and George talk with Wil Dubois.

Wil is a diabetes columnist and the author of four books about diabetes that have collectively won 16 national and international book awards. He pens the edgy Dear Abby-style advice column every Saturday at Diabetes Mine; writes the Diabetes Simplified column for dLife; and am one of the ShareCare diabetes experts. On his blog, lifeafterdx, is his personal observations about life and diabetes. He has  spent the last half-dozen years running the diabetes education program for a rural non-profit clinic in the mountains of New Mexico.



Peter Nerothin – Insulindependence



This week we are chatting with Peter Nerothin, President and Founder of Insulindepence, an incredible group of people who are doing amazing things to get people with diabetes moving, and to introduce them to the power of exercise and activity.

– Stream the showDownload the MP3 (~15MB), grab the podcast via iTunes, or listen below.

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