#DSMA for Parents of Children with Diabetes



I am excited to announce, we will be co-moderating a DSMA ‘Rents Edition Twitter chat with Phoenix Children’s Hospital Diabetes Program.

Topic: Caregiver Burnout 

When: February 16, 2015 at 12 PM ET

Where: Twitter

Follow: @DiabetesSocMed for the questions and include #dsma in your tweets

Hashtag: #dsma

Interested in participating, but not sure how? Check out Kerri’s post, Diabetes and Twitter 101.

We are searching for a team of parents to help come up with content for monthly (for now) chats. If you are interested, please send an email to cherise@diabetesCAF.org.

Goals for 2014

Topic: Personal, health and advocacy goals (not resolutions) for 2014.

Q1. Do you think setting goals are realistic in managing diabetes and life?

Q2. Do you make yearly health, personal or advocacy goals?

Q3. Please share one health, personal and advocacy goal for 2014.

Q4. Have you identified any obstacles that would stop you from attaining your goals?

Q5. What solutions do you have to help you overcome the obstacles?

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October DSMA Twitter Chat Recap

We wanted to take a moment to build momentum for National Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes, and pay tribute to the late Dr. Richard Rubin and explore the connection between humor and diabetes.  Below, you will find the questions and transcripts to the chats we had during the month of October. If you write a blog, please come back tomorrow to check out the topic for DSMA’s November Blog Carnival and share your thoughts with the rest of the community.
10/2 – Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day (transcript)
    1. What are your plans for diabetes awareness month and WDD?
    2. How do your efforts differ in November vs the rest of the year?
    3. What type of slogans would you like to see in future diabetes campaigns?
    4. Why do you think Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day (WDD) do not get a lot of exposure outside of the diabetes community?
    5. More and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes. Do you think Diabetes Awareness Month and WDD will ever get the attention we deserve?
10/9 – Where do you “wear” your diabetes? (Kelly Rawlings, moderator) (transcript)
Inspired by late Dr. Richard Rubin, “wear #diabetes on your sleeve.” Not in front where it obstructs, not behind where it can be ignored.
    1. Where do you “wear” your diabetes, and why?
    2. When does diabetes take too much of your attention?
    3. When does diabetes not get enough attention from you?
    4. What helps you “wear” diabetes in a tolerable place?
    5. Diabetes in the wild: examples of people “wearing” diabetes (positive or negative)?
    6. For fun: Diabetes designs a fashion collection: what does it look like?


10/16 – Fighting for Our Cause (transcript)
    1. Let’s discuss the lack of diabetes education, supplies and insulin for PWD’s living here and in other countries. What can we do?
    2. What can WE do as a community to help those who need education, insulin, oral medication, meters., etc.? Is it out of our reach?
    3. The DOC is large online, well policed community. How can our voices be heard offline? What’s next for the DOC?
    4. Where do you see our community in the next 2 years? Do you think HCP’s will trust our community and refer their patients?
10/23 – Humor and how it relates to living with diabetes  (Kelly Kunik, moderator)  (transcript)
    1. So do you think having diabetes has made your sense of humor more twisted and slightly dented – And by slightly I mean VERY.
    2. Speaking of defense mechanisms – How do you use humor as a diabetes defense mechanism?
    3. Do you find yourself laughing more when you are taking a ride on the blood glucose roller coaster?
    4. So if laughter as the best medicine took on food form, what kind of food would laughter be?
10/30 – Things people without diabetes should know about people living with diabetes (transcript)
    1. What are the different types of diabetes? What makes them different?
    2. What types of decisions and frequency of diabetes related decisions do you make in any given day?
    3. Do you have food restrictions/choices or a special diabetes diet?
    4. If you had to play a game of “I wish they really hadn’t said…” what would that be?
    5. What is one thing you would tell someone that doesn’t have diabetes about living with diabetes?


What is #DSMA?
Twitter is a free social media platform that allows posts of 140 characters or fewer. It’s a place to connect with people and to share news, encouragement, support, and often smiles. Guided by the tagline “Simple questions, thought-provoking responses—strengthening the diabetes community one Tweet at a time,” the DSMA Twitter chat brings people together online for a fast-paced, one-hour moderated chat each week. Join the conversation, every Wednesday at 9 PM EST by following @diabetessocmed and include  the hash tag #dsma in your tweets.
I hope you enjoyed the questions and conversations as much as we did.

Oldie but Goodie


I started DSMA twitter chats in July of 2010, thanks to you DSMA has grown. I decided it was time to revisit a twitter chat from August 2010, titled Diaversary, music and life. The response from everyone was amazing and I was introduced to “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leopard.

This was our first bilingual chat. Christina started tweeting the questions in spanish for the Latino Community (#dsmaEs). If you missed the chat, please feel free to answer the questions in the comment section.


1. What do you do on your diaversary – if anything? Do you celebrate?

2. Has living with diabetes shaped you into the person you are today? If so, in what ways?

3. If you were asked to dedicate a song to diabetes what would it be? and why?

4. What three words describe your life with diabetes?


Interested in participating in Diabetes Social Media Advocacy Chat (#dsma)? Log on to twitter every Wednesday night at 9 PM EST. You can follow @diabetessocmed or the hash tag #dsma.

Do you have a question or topic you would like to discuss during #dsma? Click here to submit.

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Curious to know what others are saying about their diabetes anniversay? check out the transcript


Health: The Bigger Picture

Last week, I had a nice conversation with George and Scott about health and the bigger picture (listen here). The conversation made me think about the well women’s exam or any other appointment I rescheduled, other than going to visit my Endo.  How many times have you cancelled an eye exam, dental appointment or skipped out on your yearly physical?  We (you and I)  need to stop rescheduling or not making appointments to visit the other important people (Dentist, OB, Podiatrist) that need to be involved in our overall health.  Take a look at your overall health and well being-it all affects diabetes. Take time to take care of your mind and body. Trust me your family and diabetes will thank you for it.


1. Diabetes is a physically and financially draining. Does the toll of diabetes affect your overall health? if so, how?

2. How does diabetes fit into the bigger picture of your health?

3. How do your PCP, Endocrinologist and other specialist interact help you focus on your overall health? how would you like them to communicate?

4. Would you like to receive peer support to help you focus on all of your health goals? what type of support would help you?

5. What can we do as a community to help our peers focus on all our individual health goals?