Blue Fridays Button Winners

I loved everyone’s Blue Fridays photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The names or handles and Blue Fridays photos listed below are the winners of one Blue Fridays button.


Princess Lady Bug


Debra Gardner




Alecia (Surface Fine)

Amber Gentry

Alexis Newell



Katrina Huckabay








Email Cherise to claim your button, please include your name and mailing address in the body of the email.

Thank you for supporting the Blue Fridays Initiative.

 – Cherise

Win a Blue Fridays Button



Are you wondering how you can get your hands on the new Blue Fridays buttons? This Friday we will be giving away five Blue Fridays buttons on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We will also be giving away five buttons to the first five people who participate in DSMA’s October blog carnival.

Instructions for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: 

Post a photo wearing blue, why you wear blue and include the hashtag #BlueFridays in your Facebook post, tweets, or Instagram photos.

DSMA October Blog Carnival:

After you write your post, come back to our website and leave the link to the post and the reason why you wear blue for diabetes awareness in the comment section of the October blog carnival post.



Blue Fridays Pictures from 6/14/2013

Thank you so very much to everyone who participate each week in the Blue Fridays Initiative! I’m sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday, but I do plan to try to get each Friday’s pictures that are tagged placed into a story and posted by Thursday of the following week. These photos are from 6/14/2013, so the ones from today (6/21/2013) should be up by this coming Thursday. Once again, thank you so much!! And if you took a photo but it’s not here, please message me the photo on the Blue Fridays Facebook page so I can include it! Thank you!!

BLUEtiful Blue Fridays Pictures for 6/7/2013

Last week, we asked you all to add the hashtag of #bluefridays to your pictures that you share of yourself wearing blue because we were working on something pretty cool. We wanted to have a way to compile all of the photos shared on our Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter into a story for each week. If all goes as planned, we should be able to have each week’s photos added and a story post added here. Thank you everyone who participates and helps make the Blue Fridays Initiative such a big success!

Wearing Blue for Diabetes

Stephen and his colleagues wearing blue for diabetes to raise funds for Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation (DCAF).  Thank you, we greatly appreciate your support and generosity.


Wearing Blue for Diabetes