Mixing things up at ‘Rents | DSMA Live

'RentsBennet and I are trying something new in November!

On Monday, November 16 our show will air live at a new time – 1PM EST. Because most of our listeners are of the archives, we believe this change won’t be met with great disappointment – at least we sure hope it won’t, and maybe we’ll see a change in our live audience with this new live time that could just possibly be more ‘Rent friendly.

Another change for ‘Rents is our desire to engage more with YOU, our audience. We really want to hear from you!! Tell us what you want us to address on the show. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, but hopefully what you like. Would you like to be a guest, is there someone else you think would make a great guest? What topics are important to you, because they are important to us!

We hope you’ll tune in to our November show at its new time as we mix things up, and try a new, slightly faster paced format!

Please leave a comment below, or at the DCAF Facebook page, or even reach out to us on Twitter: Bennet, Lorraine! Is there another way you’d like to communicate? Let us know!


Spare A Rose. Save A Life.

Banting and Best got the Nobel Prize in 1921 because they discovered a life saving drug, which is called insulin. 89 years later,  the international community cannot ensure that people who do not have access to insulin, have access to insulin so that they do not die. I think it is unfair.- Jean Claude Mbanya, IDF President for the period 2009 to 2012

There are thousands of children that go without insulin every day. Parents cannot afford the cost of insulin. They do not have the option to go to the emergency room, and they cannot go to their physician’s office for samples-they do not have access. The reality is children die because they do not have insulin and the tools they need to live.  Please join P4DC and the Diabetes Online Community by saving a rose to save a life.

 To make a donation directly to the Life for a child program, please visit  www.SpareARose.org

Links to download the banner ad can be found at www.SpareARose.org.

DSMA twitter chat inspired by the Spare A Rose campaign.  We hope you can join us at 9 PM EST to discuss this topic and what the diabetes community can do to help.

DSMA en Vivo con Merith Basey, MSc

Esta noche en DSMA en Vivo tendremos una invitada muy especial; Merith Basey de la fundación AYUDA.

Merith es la Directora de Operaciones Internacionales de AYUDA. Ella se unió a la organización en el 2004 tras realizar sus estudios de postgrado en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Merith trabajó para AYUDA en Ecuador, para más tarde unirse a la sede en Washington D.C. como Director del programa global, donde fue responsable del crecimiento de los programas de fortalecimiento de capacidad local en Ecuador, Bolivia y Belice. Después de terminar una Maestría en Salud Pública en Países en Desarrollo en la Escuela de Londres de Higiene y Medicina Tropical, trabajó con el equipo de las Unidades Constitutivas de la Campaña Mundial contra el SIDA en Amsterdam. Merith volvió a AYUDA en junio del 2010 para ayudar a dirigir la organización a través de sus próximas etapas de desarrollo, y se ha centrado en el fortalecimiento de asociaciones y divulgación a las comunidades diabetes de escasos recursos, principalmente en República Dominicana y Ecuador. Tras su reciente apoyo en el primer campamento de diabetes para jóvenes con DM1 en Haití, Merith también busca maneras de ayudar a fortalecer el trabajo de organizaciones locales de diabetes.

 Unete a la charla llamando al (760) 283-5150 o escúchanos en Blog Talk Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/diabetessocmed a las 9 PM EST.

Dirige tus preguntas a vivo@dsmalive.com


We are officially a not for profit corporation….

Two years ago, I had an a-ha moment (thanks, Dana) to moderate a  (#dsma) twitter chat for people affected by diabetes. The twitter chat grew, and the need to reach out to others that may not follow the twitter chat grew heavy on us.  In November 2010, DSMA Live: Continuing the Conversation was created, and recently, we added DSMA en Vivo, DSMA Live: Parents Talk and Christel (creator Diabetes Feed-the first diabetes podcast)  joined/teamed up with DSMA team to provide DSMA: Diabetic Feed (more information soon). The Blue Fridays initiative continues to raise awareness for diabetes. What’s next for Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA)?

A year and a half ago, I had a discussion with Scott (husband) about possibly becoming a 501c3. I reached out to Bennet to see if he could help me with the administrative paperwork to start the process to become a 501c3. I stalled. There are millions of people affected by diabetes that do not have access to social media, what could we do to reach at least one of them? Where do we start? In January, I started attending a different advocacy event, forums, conferences and a health center in Kansas City, MO. Attending various events and listening to what the #dsma community said on a weekly basis helped me see what the next step would be for DSMA.

Prior to filing for a 501c3 the organization has to be incorporated and have a board of directors. I was not confident in becoming incorporated as Diabetes Social Media Advocacy. Social media play an enormous role in what we do, but it did not reflect the entire vision. I want to be able to create and provide a social and physical environment-on and offline for people affected by diabetes. I bounced a few names around with a lot of different people from diverse backgrounds. I decided to go with a name, but I wanted to pray about it before I made a decision.

The name…

The new name of our organization is Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation, Inc. it is a name that reflects our mission and vision statement, and our number one goal, which is keeping the diabetes community first.

Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation, Inc, is not for profit corporation that will be the organizing body that runs DSMA programs, like  #DSMA twitter chat, DSMA Live, Blue Fridays Initiative, etc.

Our Mission is:

To connect, support, empower and educate people affected by diabetes.

Our Vision:

A world where people living with diabetes lead happy, healthy lives supported by education, connections, and a community of peers.


The next step for Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation, Inc. is to continue to improve current programs, apply for our 501c3 and develop programs and projects for the future.


Thank YOU  and the DSMA Team for being a part of supporting DSMA and helping to Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation, Inc. a reality.  Cheers to the future:)

Thank you to the DSMA TEAM…You all ROCK!!!

Be Blessed


ps-I’m EXCITED!!



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