Board of Directors

Cherise Shockley, CEO
Chairwoman of the Board

Cherise Shockley  began blogging about diabetes in hopes to inspire and help people with diabetes. She started DSMA to bring the community together for a once a week chat about all things diabetes, support, awareness and education as a way to give back to the diabetes community and show how powerful peer support and social media can be for people with diabetes, their family members and other advocates.

Lorraine Sisto is the mom of three children, one of which, Caleb, has been living with diabetes since the age of three. Lorraine, Caleb and their family strive to live their lives fully based upon their wants and needs while incorporating the management of diabetes into those priorities. As a family, they take part in various support and awareness activities and events, including celebrating World Diabetes Day at Caleb’s school. They both write about their experiences at

Bennet Dunlap
Marketing/PR Committee

Bennet is the father of four, two of which are type 1 insulin dependent diabetic teens. He has been an active member of the diabetes online community forums since the first of the two children was diagnosed in 2003. He founded his blog Your Diabetes May Vary in 2007. He consults with patient advocacy groups, and is passionate about leveraging social media to help maintain patient health. Bennet recently completed a master in Health Communication at Boston University.

Karen Graffeo
Social Media Committee

Karen Graffeo has lived with Type 1 diabetes since 1979.  She is a diabetes advocate and shares her life with diabetes on her blog, Bitter~Sweet.  Although she once didn’t like people knowing she had diabetes, she now shares all she can and loves to advocate both on-line and in the real world.

Kerri Sparling
Community Outreach Committee

Kerri Sparling, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1986, writes one of the most highly-regarded patient blogs on the web. She works as writer and consultant, contributing to many health-related publications and speaks globally about the impact of social media in the healthcare space.  She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and their daughter.

Scott K. Johnson
Community Outreach Committee

Scott K. Johnson is a type 1 diabetes blogger, speaker, writer, advocate, and co-host for DSMA Live. Looking to make a difference and help others. Twin Cities, MN ·


George Simmons
Marketing and PR Committee

George Simmons is a husband and father of two who has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 20 years. George began blogging a way to meet other people with diabetes and to share his story in hopes that it would help others feel less alone. His personal blog called “Ninjabetic” serves as a place for George to express his frustrations, triumphs, and failures. Besides blogging, George also co-hosts a weekly Blog Talk Radio show, speaks publicly on the health benefits of Social Media, and is a songwriter/musician.


Scott Shockley
Marketing/PR Committee


Sarah Knotts
Social Media Committee

Sarah, a type 1 diabetic since 1988, is a diabetes blogger, advocate, and co-manager of the Blue Fridays Initiative. She has a passion for spreading diabetes awareness, and loves being involved in diabetes technology. She is from SC and lives there with her husband and son.

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