Diabetes Out Loud | Ep 001 My Diabetes Secret with Christopher Snider

By | February 1, 2016

Christopher Snider

Christopher Snider joins Bennet and myself to discuss My Diabetes Secret, a forum he created on Tumbler, inspired by this post from Kerri Sparling on her blog, Six Until Me.

My Diabetes Secret, and the other communities like it, provide a safe space for people to share anonymously their thoughts and feelings about their disease without the fear of personal judgement. The hope is that openly sharing can serve as a step in healing.

The key is anonymity and the power of “me too.” Listen in and hear Chris’ sincerity and pure intent in wanting to help people in a manner unlike any other I’ve seen.

Please share about Chris’ platform and bring awareness to this powerful tool that has the potential to help so many. The reach includes, but extends far  beyond diabetes.

You can visit the My Disease Secret hub for all the communities Chris has created, including:

My Arthritis Secret
My Chronic Pain Secret
My Cystic Fibrosis Secret
My Diabetes Secret
My IBD Secret
My Mental Health Secret
My Multiple Sclerosis Secret
My Lupus Secret

Listen to all of Chris’ diabetes podcasts at JustTalking.com. He Just Talks about more than just diabetes though. His shows are color coded – blue is for diabetes, but there’s a rainbow of other subjects. With over 300 podcasts, there’s something for everyone!

For everything Chris Snider, visit ChristopherASnider.com.

This Episode is the first under our new name “Diabetes Out Loud,” formerly “DSMA Live.” As we move from live shows to a prerecorded format, it made sense to give our name a facelift. Stay tuned for more information on our transition in podcasting.

Subscribe to www.diabetesoutloud.org (which is the same as www.diabetescaf.org) to stay updated on everything Diabetes Out Loud!

This Episode of Diabetes Out Loud is part of Diabetes Podcast Week. For a full listing of participants, including Chris Snider, visit StaceySimms.com.

Please visit www.SpareARose.com for more information on the Life for a Child program. Sparing the cost of a rose and donating to the International Diabetes Federation provides insulin for a month to a child in need.

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