Mixing things up at ‘Rents | DSMA Live

By | October 28, 2015

'RentsBennet and I are trying something new in November!

On Monday, November 16 our show will air live at a new time – 1PM EST. Because most of our listeners are of the archives, we believe this change won’t be met with great disappointment – at least we sure hope it won’t, and maybe we’ll see a change in our live audience with this new live time that could just possibly be more ‘Rent friendly.

Another change for ‘Rents is our desire to engage more with YOU, our audience. We really want to hear from you!! Tell us what you want us to address on the show. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, but hopefully what you like. Would you like to be a guest, is there someone else you think would make a great guest? What topics are important to you, because they are important to us!

We hope you’ll tune in to our November show at its new time as we mix things up, and try a new, slightly faster paced format!

Please leave a comment below, or at the DCAF Facebook page, or even reach out to us on Twitter: Bennet, Lorraine! Is there another way you’d like to communicate? Let us know!


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