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By | December 15, 2014

I am honored to host Best of Betes Blogs for the month of December. The people in the diabetes online community are great storytellers; they spare no details in sharing what life is like for type 1, type 2 or being a care giver. The stories told by the community is what makes the diabetes online community unique and awesome.

I am excited to announce the Best of Betes Blogs for December. Best of Betes Blog “winners” can snag this amazing logo to share with your readers.

Best of the Betes Blogs

Best Use of Humor

Best Vlog

Best Use of Photography

Best Advocacy

Best Reference to a D-Celebrity

Best Story of a D Meet-up

Best non-D Related Post

Best Post by a Type 1

Best Post by a Type 2

Best Post by a Type Awesome

Best story of a D-mistake

Best Motivational Post

Best Diabetes Art

If you are interested in sh


Nominations by:

Scott E:




Sara is looking for Best of Betes Blogs host for 2015, if you are interested, send her an email at include “I want to host” in the subject line.

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