DSMA Blog Carnival – September Round-Up

By | October 7, 2014

Many of us jot down notes with questions and issues we’d like to discuss with our doctors during our appointments.  It helps us arrive prepared and get the most of our time with our HCP.  During our appointments, our doctors also make notes in our files.  This month we wondered how many of us have requested a copy of our medical notes.  We also wanted to know why you have or haven’t, and how often you make that request.  Here’s what you had to say . . . .

As always, you can click over to the blog carnival page for the link to the full list of posts.  Didn’t quite get a chance to submit your post this month?  Go ahead and write it anyway and leave your link in the September Blog Carnival comments section so we can check it out!

Don’t forget to check back here on Thursday when we’ll announce the topic for the October DSMA Blog Carnival.

One thought on “DSMA Blog Carnival – September Round-Up

  1. Mike

    Thanks for the mention, and including me with some great company! Loved the topic and very much enjoyed exploring it.


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