Afterthoughts: Sean Busby

By | May 29, 2013


I loved chatting with Sean. He was so down to earth and easy to talk with.

We heard about the crazy story of his diagnosis, and how he felt after getting that first shot of insulin. He talked about working closely with his care team, and learning a lot from the stories of young kids living with diabetes.

In particular, he remembers reading about a father who drove to a sleepover just to check his son’s blood sugar, and another story about a young teenager going on his first date and having to explain diabetes and why he had to give himself a shot. These stories really moved him, and through the courage of these kids and families, Sean found the courage he needed to get going with his own diabetes.

He talked a bit about dealing with depression, which is something so many of us also deal with. He says that the support and network of people also living with diabetes helped him get through it.

Sean and his wife, Mollie, are doing a lot of great things for people living with diabetes. They run a bunch of winter activity camps around the world, they are doing work with Hope on 2 Wheels, and are also partnering with Connected in Motion to bring activities for adults with type 1 diabetes into the states.

Riding on Insulin is the main site for additional information on everything they’re doing, and they have a site that features more of their not-necessarily-diabetes-related adventures, including their waste vegetable oil motorhome, called Two Sticks & A Board.

It was a great show, and I couldn’t get enough of hearing Sean talk about all of his adventures and great things they’re doing for PWD’s.

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