Afterthoughts DSMA Live: ‘Rents | Casey Boren of Diabetes Sports Project

DSP is dedicated to empowering those affected by diabetes through sports-related educational and community engagement. Utilizing the world’s most inspirational, experienced, and sought-after diabetes athlete ambassadors, DSP’s goal is to have a powerful, meaningful and sustainable influence on the diabetes community. DSP’s athlete ambassadors demonstrate how through proper diet, exercise, a positive outlook and effective blood glucose management by utilizing the diabetes tools and technology available today, dreams can be achieved. DSP will debut on October 10, 2015, at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, and can be found at other venues include the Boston Marathon and other premier sporting events throughout the year. DSP’s website,, will be available on October […]

Afterthoughts DSMA Live: ‘Rents | Scott Benner of Arden’s Day

We had Scott Benner join us for his third edition of DSMA Live. He first joined us on ‘Rents a couple of years ago and more recently spoke with Scott Johnson on our sister show on Thursday evenings. Scott talks about his new Juicebox podcast as well as why it’s important to advocate for your child. Other topics include blogging, community and management strategies. Please listen in to this most recent edition of DSMA Live’ Rents with Scott, and join us tonight for our special #DSMA Twitter chat where we’ll touch upon many of these same topics! Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with DiabetesSocMed on BlogTalkRadio

DSMA Live: ‘Rents Afterthoughts | Sara: Growing up and Parenting with Diabetes

Sara joined us in our April edition of DSMA Live: ‘Rents. Our conversation included various insulin pump options, parenting and pregnancy with diabetes and how Sara came to decide to pump as a teenager after years of injections. You may be surprised at what influenced her decision. Please listen in to this fun and informative show:   Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with DiabetesSocMed on BlogTalkRadio

Get me off the roller coaster!

Ever been on a roller coaster?  Sure you have.  You know once that seat strap comes down, and you’re off there is no backing out – you are on this ride.  You also know when it’s coming to an end because it s-l-o-w-s down and becomes less exciting.  This is functional so that you can  come to a safe stop.  What if I told you the same was true about wild glucose swings in diabetes?  You have to slow down before you can stop them?  Would you believe me? The roller coaster that can be diabetes management is HARD.  You’re 300 then you are 30, and then someone labels you […]

Special Edition of #DSMA

Jane contacted our team a few months ago to ask if she could conduct a virtual focus group during DSMA’s Twitter chat.  We thought it was a great idea and hope that you feel the same. Jane take it away….. My name is Jane and I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 40 years in June. I’ve been helping others live well with diabetes, as a nurse and certified diabetes educator, for 20 years. My personal and professional experiences in diabetes care have shaped my feelings about words and diabetes. A couple years ago I came across my notes from a talk I gave in 1993. It was a presentationfor nurses about the impact of words on […]

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